10 New Things

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Happy New Year! 

We're bringing in the New Year with good vibes, new ideas, and fresh inspiration. Here are 10 new things we're loving right now, all found via Pinterest for both Make It Good, and Nell & Mary.


1. DIY Aromatherapy Shower Tablets. We love bringing new vibes into the new year, and what better way to re-vamp than to make your own tablets that help you unwind after your long day.

2. One of our resolutions is to gather often. We want to be surrounded by the people that we love, and have celebrations every now & then. Since you know we love all things graphic, we are loving the idea of a DIY graphic painted tablecloth, seems perfect for hosting!

3. A new breakfast we can't wait to try.

4. Need inspiration for your kitchen? We have just the board for you.

5. The sweatshirt we can't stop obsessing over. 

6. We know one of our resolutions should involve cutting back on the sugar, but we can't handle how good these blueberry pie s'mores look! (Heart eyes)

7. Look how cool this DIY marble moon phase wall hanging is. 

8. Planning to travel this year? Here are 10 destinations to visit when you have a budget.

9. How to style 1 cart, 3 ways. Loving the idea of the herb cart.

10. How to set goals that you'll actually accomplish. (For those of us who could use a little help in the goal setting department.)