Gift Guide For Him

Gift Guide For Him

Shopping for men may always be a bit difficult, but at North of West, we're here to make it easy
by giving you a gifting guide to get your ideas flowing. 

Poketo marble planner

- The softest cashmere socks. (Can't go wrong with cashmere.)

- A bar of charcoal soap. It's fun to have black soap, and it also smells like a dream.

- A multitasking oil by Soul Sunday. Use this oil for shaving, moisturizing, and deep conditioning. This is a gift you can't go wrong with.

- Contrast shave cup by Pigeon Toe.  

- A vintage razor. An old-fashioned yet trendy gift. A vintage razor would be a nice addition to the contrast shave cup & the shave brushes included in this post.

- Shave brushes by Simpson handmade. Made with badger hair, these brushes are a luxury.

- Eucalyptus candle by Pigeon Toe. Yes, guys love candles too. With the semi-masculine scent of eucalyptus, this candle is a great gifting go to.