New Collection by house brand Pigeon Toe Ceramics

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Welcome to Collection No. 11
House brand, Pigeon Toe Ceramics, launches Collection No. 11. Taking on a playful tone and exploring new color stories and techniques, you will find new styles along side updated old favorites, all proudly made in Portland, Oregon. 
Prior to releasing their new collection, PTC welcomed us into their North Portland studio for an exclusive look at their process behind Collection No. 11. Using methods of both hand-thrown and casted production, each piece is designed and made in house with the finest quality porcelain and their hand-made glazes.
Pigeon Toe recycles all clay scraps, blending together vinegar and fresh clay in a process called "pugging." In addition to their no-waste practices, they use bio-degradable packaging material, energy-saving lights, and reusable towels for throwing. You won't find a single paper towel in their whole 7,000 sq. ft studio!