Where in the world is Make It Good?

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Our Pattern Maker Megan took a trip back east to visit her hometown of Block Island in Rhode Island. With her favorites from our summer collection packed in her suitcase, she was ready to set out and explore the island!
The Southeast Lighthouse
Cupro Sails Tank Dress in Marine

The Southeast Lighthouse, built in 1875, is one of the most historic landmarks on the island. Today its beautiful green light can be seen over 200 feet above sea level.
The Mohegan Bluffs
Chambray Tropical Leaves Spaghetti Dress

Overlooking the southern coast, The Mohegan Bluffs are made up of nutrient-dense clay that have become an oasis for migrating wildlife, lush sea grass and sweet honey suckles. The beaches are known for their rocky landscape between land and sea.
Fresh Pond 
Cross Stitch Scoop Blouse in Marigold

The largest body of fresh water, Fresh Pond is a natural reservoir protected by the Nature Conservancy and is the home to fish, turtles, cranes, and other wild critters. Its hidden path makes this local spot one of the most enchanting places on the island. 
Meet Our Maker
Megan Mary Mitchell
, Lead Pattern Maker and Editorial Photographer, began working at Make It Good after graduating with a BFA in Apparel from the Rhode Island School of Design. Transitioning her life from coast to coast, Megan happily lives in Portland, where she continues to design, explore, photograph, teach yoga and cook intuitively!